Learning Together From the Comfort of Your  Class Room              Karibu - Welcome to Gakonga Pre-recorded Workshop Tutorials


Karibu (Welcome):  https://youtu.be/zLNCAsa_B4 

See the Art:  https://youtu.be/MgKKYHqaGNw                                                                  

  Workshop: Tropical Sailing

This silhouette pre-recorded painting workshop depicting Kenyan coastal life is a great painting activity and a wonderful way for children to socialise and be creative. It is inspiring and involving and every child will be able to produce a master-pierce of their own artwork inspired by artist Gakonga

 Tutorial duration:: 21 minutes

Tutorial price: £120.00

Age: Key stage 2

Workshop: Drummers


This Silhouette art painting tutorial (pre recorded) is a true reflection of expressing happiness through painting, dance and movement. it will help the children's creativity, imagination and self-expression. It can also be linked to performing arts.

 Tutorial duration:: 23 minutes

Price: £120.00


Key stage 2

      Workshop: Inspiration


Kenyan sunset melt into this watecolour, fusing together to set a scenery for the dancers.

Join Gakonga in this workshop (pre-recorded)  to learn all the skills and techniques that he uses to create his vibrant art works that are full of joy and movement..

 Tutorial duration:: 25 minutes

Price: £120.00

Key stage 2

Workshop: Coastal Kenya

This Silhouette art painting tutorial (pre recorded) is capturing the mood of coastal Kenya where artist gakonga grew up. This workshop will 'ignite' the children's imagination and enable them to capture and transmute their imagination into a beautiful piece of artwork that they will treasure for ever.

 Tutorial  duration: 15 minutes

Price: £120.00

Age: Key stage 2 

Geography: Know Kenya

Take an information tour of Kenya with Gakonga. In this pre recorded (speaking) workshop the children will learn a lot about Kenya - from cash crops, geographical location, mountains, tribes, Rivers to the origin of the name Kenya

 Tutorial Duration: 30 minutes

Price: £90.00


Age: Key Stage 2

Gakonga Table Exhibition

Take a silent viewing tour of Gakonga's treasured pieces of artwork going back to 1995.  This 17 minutes inspiring clip is a great way to inspire children and help them understand Gakonga's style of painting in depth (water colour painting).

 Tutorial duration: 17 minutes

Price: £90.00

Age: All  ages 

This  is a fabric (calico) and stencils workshop, Gakonga will supply 32 stencils (cut-outs) which are to be used for this workshop and be returned back there after- a holding deposit of £3 per stencil will be required.

Workshop: Wall Hanging

 Tutorial duration: 24 minutes

Price: £120.00

Key stage 2 

Workshop: Kenyan Dance

Dance with Gakonga and learn some simple but yet great moves and have fun, 

 Duration: 28 minutes

Price: £90.00

Age: All ages 

Nursery: Sing along

This sing along workshop will help your nursery children count and make the sound of a duck, goat and a donkey and enable them to laugh and smile.

Tutorial duration 17 minutes

Price: £70.00

Age: Nursery and Reception

 How to order workshops and how it works


1. You send us an email to order a particular Tutorial.


2. We then send you an invoice requesting a payment.


3. Once the payment is made we then send you a link.

4. The link will stay active for 30 days.


5. Enjoy the workshop and have fun..





Painting duration for all workshops is about 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Please remember to watch "the materials Explained" video below..

If you have any query, please free free contact us.

  Workshop Materials Explained,


Click Here:  https://youtu.be/WvG7Fi4U07c

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School References


Conway Art Centre - Wales (A.E.M.S course) Contact : Debby Cottam, Tel 01248714501

Cheshire Development Education Centre (Cheshire) - Contact:  Heather Swanston, Tel  01244 347 880

Brighton Prep College - Contact Mr Robert, Tel 01273 704259

Chase Lane School – London

Lyne Park Primary School – London

Alsager Secondary school –Stoke on Trent

West Hendon Primary School – Essex

Elizabeth Academy - Nottingham

Oakington Manor Primary School

CRB/DBS: Available