Gakonga is a trained Artist in Education. He Provides Visual Arts and Dance Workshops to Primary and secondary schools, Art Centres and Community Centre. Gakonga runs school workshops and has worked with children and teachers in over 300 schools across the U.K - inspiring both creativity and joy. These varied and exciting workshops makes everyone want to dance with life - life is like a dance indeed.


Watercolour Painting Workshop: Two sessions Per Day (age 7-11)                        

Kenyan sunset melt into this watecolour workshop, colours fuse together producing work of outstanding colours and depth. Join Gakonga in this workshop to learn all the skills and techniques that he uses to create his vibrant art works that are full of joy and movement. Using watercolours that he calls 'sun set colours' he creates a colour wash background and images of people. Gakonga will demonstrate and show every stage of his work in progress.  Pupils will use water colours to create their own piece of art work inspired by Gakonga - the most inspiring workshop.

Wall Hanging painting Workshop: Three sessions Per Day (Age 7 – 11 and 5-6)

Gakonga makes his own stencil that he uses to create an abstract/design on paints and fabric [calico]. In this workshop you will choose your colours to create your own colour wash/background on the fabric and then use the ready-made stencil to create a design or image on the fabric.

T-Shirt Painting Workshop: Two Sessions Per Day (Age 7 – 11)

In this workshop the pupils will learn how to paint on T- shirts and then create a front design on their own. T-shirts, pupils can bring their own old white t-shirt to paint. By the end of this workshop each child will have a treasurable hand painted t-shirt to take home and a dance rhythm to dance and be happy. For this workshop children will need to bring a white T-shirt [old or new] any size.


Rumba Workshop (Kenyan Disco Dance full of Fun): Sessions: 60 Minutes Each ( All ages)

Join Gakonga in this magical workshop full of energy and movements. The music has the children moving and dancing to the rhythmic beats and happy music.  A wonderful workshop that helps children with exercise, co-ordination as well as building confidence, children and adults alike are soon up and joining in with [Rumba] Kenyan dance and movements. The intervals are filled with information and demonstration of skills used in Kenyan villages, the children will learn how to tie a sarong as well and carry a ‘load’ to market upon their heads. This action packed workshop is fun and full of new skills to learn. Raha means ‘happy’ and that is what this wonderful workshop is about for children and teachers alike
 “After the children have danced their socks off” they have a short break, now they learn how to make a Kenyan soft ball which is simple, safe and fun. Once completed they play “Swahili tag” Which encourages motor skills and team building.



Sing Along Workshop (Nursery and Reception): Sessions 45 minutes Each 

This workshop is a sing along and dance workshop for nursery and reception classes. For this workshop Gakonga teaches the children Kenyan rhymes that he has translated into simple English, making it easy for children to remember, sing along and have fun.


School References

Conway Art Centre - Wales (A.E.M.S course) Contact : Debby Cottam, Tel 01248714501

Cheshire Development Education Centre (Cheshire) - Contact:  Heather Swanston, Tel  01244 347 880

Brighton Prep College - Contact Mr Robert, Tel 01273 704259

Chase Lane School – London

Lyne Park Primary School – London

Alsager Secondary school –Stoke on Trent

West Hendon Primary School – Essex

Elizabeth Academy - Nottingham

Oakington Manor Primary School


CRB/DBS: Available