Hello, I am Gakonga and I am based in London. A humble beginning and the magic of life is what inspires my big sunny smiles everyday. I was born in Kenya near the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro and it was there where I begun experimenting with plant dyes and sea shells on my father's wise man mud hut (Thingira wa muthee). At the time I thought it was just a few 'minutes' wonder inspired by the farm life and youthfulness, less did I know it was a calling for my life long passion and to date I have never looked back. 


My greatest greatest gift is painting and inspiring others to capture and enjoy the magic and colours of my  homeland Kenya. Colours dance across white paper, from the burning golds and reds of a dying sunset to the hot happy colours of a tribal dance! Songs and dance are all a part of Kenyan life and every painting has its own happy rhythm that will warm your heart every day.


Through my life journey as a visual artist and an artist in education I have achieved many things from having tea with the Queen to designing a vibrant African book cover for Penguin books (The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry - by Gerald Moore). I have exhibited my artworks in many places and my greatest joy is painting, every piece of my work is alive with my warm happy spirit.


Every day is precious.